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Dr Brad
Dr Brad McKay

Dr Brad is an Australian science communicator, TV host, author and podcaster who works as a GP in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

He appears regularly on The Today Show, The Drum, ABC Radio, triple j, Triple M, has presented Catalyst on the ABC and hosts several medical podcasts for health professionals. He's also on the editorial board of The Medical Republic.

Previously Dr Brad was the host of the Logie-nominated television program Embarrassing Bodies Down Under on Foxtel and Channel 9 — a show dedicated to decreasing stigma and raising awareness about traditionally 'taboo' topics.

Dr Brad is a member of the Immunisation Coalition, and an Ambassador for both the Immunisation Foundation, and the Stroke Foundation.

Fake Medicine
Dr Brad McKay

We all want to be healthy, live longer and avoid cancer, but too many of us are being scammed by sciencey-sounding crooks and nonsense marketing.


Dr Brad McKay, GP and experienced Australian science communicator, has watched how misinformation and 'alternative facts' have come to permeate every facet of our lives, causing many of us to turn away from academic expertise and instead look to social media influencers and dodgy websites to guide our health choices.


Fake Medicine looks at the danger of Wellness Warriors, conspiracy theories and vaccine deniers, supplements and fad diets, alternative practitioners and the power of positive thinking, and interrogates the marketing that leads consumers toward dubious products and practices

In the wash of celebrity influencers and miracle cures, this is the essential book to debunk the faux-science and scam marketing of the modern health landscape.

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